About Class and Association

After founding The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Mary Baker Eddy designed Christian Science class instruction for those who want to learn more about how to apply the ideas in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, to heal themselves and others. Class instruction continues to equip today’s students to be effective Christian healers based on the method of spiritual healing Jesus taught his disciples.

Class instruction offers a unique and precious opportunity to dig further into your relationship with God and your spiritual capacity as a Christian healer for the world. Participating in Christian Science class instruction is a natural step of progress in the practice of Christian Science healing. The joys of the class include not just the initial 12 days of spiritual instruction, but the ongoing opportunity to participate in a spiritual support system--an “association” of your teacher’s students that gathers each year to share in a day of spiritual refreshment, growth, inspiration, and prayer.

Members of Christian Science associations develop strong spiritual bonds over the years and are deeply united in their commitment to spiritual healing everywhere, no matter who their teacher might be.

Students who love Christian Science and its teachings are encouraged to apply to take Primary class instruction from any authorized teacher of Christian Science. Classes are held every year in many countries around the world and generally include 12 sessions over a two-week period. After completing class, students are included as members of an association with others who have taken class from the same teacher. Each association meets annually to provide for students’ continuing spiritual growth and progress.

Here's what Mary Baker Eddy had to say about Class instruction:

The teachers of Christian Science shall teach but one class yearly, which class shall consist of not more than thirty pupils.”
- Article XXVI, Section 4 of the Church Manual by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 84

Christian Scientists who are teachers shall carefully select for pupils such only as have good past records and promising proclivities toward Christian Science.
- Article XXVI, Section 2 of the Church Manual by Mary Baker Eddy, p.83

Small classes of up to 30 pupils are held once each year at varying times by teachers of Christian Science throughout the world. Each teacher is a Christian Science practitioner who has received Normal Class instruction and certification from the Christian Science Board of Education. Teachers do not solicit or advertise for pupils, but they are glad to answer questions from anyone interested in applying for class. The names of Christian Science teachers (followed by the initials C.S.B.) can be found in The Christian Science Journal under the listing of practitioners and teachers.

Classes last for a period of two weeks. The chapter on “Recapitulation” in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy is the basic text for instruction, and explanation and questions and answers on the subject of healing through prayer are included.

If you have either general or specific questions about class, its content, format, or requirements, or wish to know about this year's class, please feel free to call me at (608) 251-2653. You may also send an initial inquiry direct to me via the contact form on this site.



information about visiting madison

Airport: the Madison International Airport is about 15 minutes from UW campus and the christian science student organization.


The Edgewater Hotel on Lake Mendota not far from the Student Organization building usually charges $150 per night.
666 Wisconsin Ave
Madison, WI, 53703
(608) 256-9701

Best Western Inn Towner also close to the Student Org and popular with UW families (call for rates):
2424 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53726
(608) 233-8778

If you have a car there is a large selection of moderately priced hotels (ranging from $69-$109 depending on the season) within 15 minutes of campus.
Two that we can recommend are:

Hampton Inn
516 Grand Canyon Dr.
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 833-3511

Best Western West Towne Suites
650 Grand Canyon Dr.
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 833-4200

A limited number of rooms is usually available at the UW Student OrganizationAsher House.
A two week stay for class is approximately $400 (this includes breakfast)
The charge for Association visits is approximately $40 per night..

where to eat

There is a grocery store three block from the Student Organization and many places to eat near campus.