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Association 2014: The way which leads to Christian Science is straight and narrow

2014 address citations

Section 1


Hymn 64

Rev.1:9,10;4:1,2;7:9,10,14-17 (to :); 21:2,3,5,6,9-11,22,23,25-27; 22:1,17)

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Margie’s account of Jenny Sawyer

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Hymn 458

Section 1



Genia’s account of Clara Shannon

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Section 2

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Section 3

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Section 4

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Section 5

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Section 6

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Section 7

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Hymn 1

Ellen: Emma Estes

Margie: Jennie Sawyer

Ramona: Anna B. White Baker

Hilary: Janette Weller

Nancy: Victoria Sargent

Laurie: Adam Dickey

Genia: Clara Shannon

Thew: Capt. Joseph Eastaman

Tom: Adelaide Still

Janet: Julia Prescott

Louise: George Kinter

board of directors letter 2014

January 2014

Dear fellow Christian Scientists,

Each Association day is a special event on the calendar for class-taught Christian Scientists.
There’s news and healing to share. There’s the joy and anticipation of spiritual inspiration which is always the effect of hearts turning Godward together.

Many would agree it feels like “family”—and it is, in a spiritual sense. When Jesus was told his mother and brothers were waiting to see him, he looked to his disciples and said, “For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.” (Mark 3:35)

Like the early workers in Christian Science we, too, are unified by our experiences of the same utterly new reality—a universe that truly belongs to God and is the expression of His divine Love. Through Mary Baker Eddy’s revelation of divine Science and the powerful healings that follow in demonstrations of Truth, we realize that we are all, in fact, catching glimpses of the greatest discovery in human history.

Your Association meeting is of immense importance to the topic that we will be exploring as a Church this year at Annual meeting—seeking and finding the spiritual foundations of Christ- healing. Today you gather to respond to God’s Allness, to know more of yourself as actually living now in God’s omnipresence, to feel the healing assurance of Immanuel, or God-with-us. Mrs. Eddy describes the irresistible effect of finding ourselves spiritually when she writes of herself : “To-day my soul can only sing and soar. An increasing sense of God's love, omnipresence, and omnipotence enfolds me.” (Miscellany, p. 174) May you all "sing and soar" today.

With much affection,

The Christian Science Board of Directors and the Board of Education

Robin Hoagland,  A.W. Phinney, Scott Preller, Margaret Rogers, Lyle Young, Mary Trammell

Association Readings 2014

Dear People,
Each year before our Association meeting I send readings that correspond with the sections of the address, to prepare thought for what we’ll be working on. This year, as the title of the address is “Living Christian Science,” the readings will focus on what it means to be a Christian Scientist. There is no better, clearer, and concise expression of this than our Leader’s own class book - Recapitulation in Science and Health.
Please read pages 465-497 of S&H before Association day. The address and our day will be structured along the lines of the progression found in these pages. Read these familiar questions and answers with an eye to what they tell us about the process and day-to-day work of living Christian Science. This is an opportunity to both revisit the continuity of class instruction, and to encounter the Q&A as it relates to your own efforts to practice Christian Science. Please take the time to share any revelations that come to you along the way!
This year there will be no guests at Association. The meeting will include only members of the Association - those of us who have shared the experience of going deeply into Recapitulation together. The day will unfold more in the way that class days did - with your participation. As always, there will be all that has come to me to share with you on the subject, and there will be your fruitage and questions. But there will also be some live Q&A - the sort of thing that found in the student’s accounts in the We Knew Mary Baker Eddy volume we’ve been studying. This is a good time to clear out misconceptions and impositions on your practice of Christian Science. As always, our purpose is to lift thought and gain inspiration and focus for the next year.
Dig deep as you read and do send your questions and fruitage in as soon as possible.
with love,

Pre-Association letter 2014

February 7, 2014

Dear People,
What a glorious thing it is to be a Christian Scientist! What in our lives can compare with those moments when we recognize ourselves and others as God’s own expressions. Those times when we see the presence and power of divine Love and become aware that we are all are embraced by God’s law.

I hope that our reading assignment (We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Expanded Edition, Volume II) has helped you connect with the spiritual sense of God and man that is natural to us all. These accounts of life-altering devotion to God remind us that it is natural to respond to Truth, natural to trust in God’s provision, natural to heal. Our Association theme this year is “Living Christian Science,” and it is appropriate that as we perceive spiritual good in our study and practice we should share it.

Mrs. Eddy wrote in The Manual of The Mother Church (Article XXX, Section 7): "Healing the sick and the sinner with Truth demonstrates what we affirm of Christian Science, and nothing can substitute this demonstration. I recommend that each member of this Church shall strive to demonstrate by his or her practice, that Christian Science heals the sick quickly and wholly, thus proving this Science to be all that we claim for it..”

Since healing is our goal and the normal outcome of metaphysical practice, it might be helpful to take the time and trouble (“my cross is light”) to set down what has been going on in your own experience. As you’ve been inspired, puzzled, awakened, impelled by your study, how has that continued to work out in your life? Please sit down this week and share with us your thoughts on the accounts in the book and what impact your reading has had on your thoughts and practice of Christian Science.

I’ll be sending study citations out at the end of April. Feel free to send fruitage anytime between now and Association. Your contributions are a key part of the address and our day.

with love,

p.s. just a reminder: Association 2014 will be held on Saturday, May 17 at 9 a.m. at the Christian Science Student Organization building at 315 N. Mills St. in Madison. Parking is in the Grainger Hall lot on Brooks St. (one block eat of N. Mills).
If you wish to reserve a room at the CSO and haven’t already done so, please contact Bob Ayres, the house manager, as soon as possible at